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Automated Marketing

Marketing and member retention tools that you can simply set and forget

Built-in Marketing Tools

GymMaster makes easy work with an arsenal of marketing & member retention tools that connect you with new and current members.

  • Link your online promotions directly to an online form to signup new members.
  • Utilize the online signup feature for your sales and admin teams to streamline the signup process.
  • Engage with your prospect members with personalized text and emails sent out automatically.
  • Easily set up promotional memberships visible only to those you choose.
  • Set up automatic contact to leads and/or members with targeted promotions to increase sales or engagement.

At GymMaster, we appreciate that you have your own way of charging for classes, such as some members needing to pay an add-on fee for special classes depending on their membership type. This is simple to set up and record within GymMaster, to ensure the correct direct debit is charged or payment is taken at reception.

“Since we started monitoring our contractors using GymMaster I’ve improved member retention by 28% – that’s equivalent to 3 months marketing costs! In fact, I’ve increased my membership while cutting back on advertising!”

— Gary Olympic Gym, New Zealand

Automate Communication with your Members

Establish long term positive relationships with your members by automatically sending personalized messages, regularly.

Communication That’s Targeted & Relevant

Personalize your contact with your members and prospects to make sure your members care about what you’re sending them.

  • Easily send out relevant promotions and offers to groups of people based on specific parameters – gender, age, visitation patterns, birth date, location etc.
  • Insert fields such as ‘first name’ to further personalize your messages.
  • Target people who use only a small part of your services to utilize more of your offering.
  • Friendships are one of the best members retention tools! Select a specific demographic to contact at the same time to get people talking.
  • Communicate any changes to those booked into a class with ease.
  • Let your members know you care with a simple Happy Birthday message.

Tracking and Automation

GymMaster makes easy work with an arsenal of marketing & member retention tools that connect you with new and current members.


  • Use the Happiness Meter to identify changes in member usage
  • Automatically send a message to members when their usage drops off


  • Send an alert message automatically when a member’s payment fails
  • Your staff will be alerted upon swipe entry, too


  • Remind your members when a booking is approaching
  • Contact a whole class manually with any updates


  • Alert you when a returning member comes in so you know to make a special effort to help re-engage them


  • Be ahead of the game and text or email your members before their membership or concession card expires

See What Our Customers Have To Say

"We have been in business for 10 years now, and with your gym software system we installed in November 2016, we will be able to compete with the bigger franchises that are all open 24/7. Plus we can reduce the cost of staffing. That is one of our huge costs as the facility had to have an attendant at all hours"

Jordan Donnelly ,Sets Fitness, Saskatchewan, Canada

"I carefully considered several companies before choosing GymMaster. GymMaster is by far the most comprehensive software I have been able to find. From billing all the way to the locks, it’s all streamlined. Also, customer support is second to none. I have never called in a tight spot and not had immediate help."

Zak Huffman, Warrior Fitness Facility , Ohio, USA

"I love the way I can track all my clients and contact them easily with the software. The 24 HR locking system works almost perfect for my gym application and has made me quite successful quickly!"

Derek Cutting, Latte Built, Latte Built, Kentucky USA
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