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GymMaster Mobile App Setup Guide

Overview & Example

The GymMaster Mobile App gives your members the ability to interact with your system via an app on their smartphone or tablet. They are able to view your timetable in realtime, book into classes and make bookings with your trainers, and update their personal information.

Setup Instructions

First of all, go to Settings > Advanced Configuration > Enable Mobile App Access For Members Please note that it may take up to an hour to sync with all your members. You have control over what your member can do in the app by going to Settings > Member Portal, and reviewing the Booking, Communication & Member sections of this page. This page affects both the Member Portal as well as the App. However, not all settings apply to both.

A few things to note:

  • The settings that specifically affect the app will be highlighted with an icon from the January release. Until then, the below points will help decipher which settings will affect the apps.
  • The app’s display settings are not able to be edited. This means that any settings that say they’ll change how things look (including showing/hiding things) will not affect the app. For example, “Show/hide [button]”, or “Display weekday on lists of bookings” won’t do anything.
  • The setting how far ahead can members book classes is important, as that’s how far the Class Timetable will show. We suggest increasing this number so members have better visibility.
  • Ensure you have selected the correct email templates to be sent upon actions, which will be sent out when a member makes or cancels a booking.
  • You can decide if a member is able to edit their own personal details or not.

Get Your App Looking Good

To ensure you and your members get the best experience, give your Services and Classes a description. To do this, go to Settings > Booking and Classes, then click Edit to amend the description of the Services. To edit the Online Description of your classes, simply navigate to the edit button of each class under the Class Configuration tab. Within the same settings of the Class Configuration, you can edit the Online Image, which will show up on the timetable that your members see.

Within the GymMaster mobile app, the trainer’s profile photo who is taking the class will be the image shown, so make sure they’re smiling! Your staff photos can be edited within the Resource Configuration tab. To get the photo as flattering as possible, make sure the image is square and around 350 x 350 pixels.

We recommend you download the app using a member’s credentials and familiarize yourself with it before advising your members to download it; just to make sure you’re totally happy with it’s content.

Encourage Your Members to Download It

Setting it up was the easy part — Now you need to encourage your members to download and use it. Equip your staff with knowledge on what the app does and how to use it; and get talking to your members! Print signs and post them around your gym, especially at your front desk and in the changing rooms.

Where can they find it? Download the app from either the Google Play Store , or Apple’s App Store..

A simple email should do it!

Here’s a sample email to get your members downloading. Edit it to match your offering, and remember to make your subject line snappy to get more people opening it!

Subject: [club name] is taking away even more excuses

Hi{58:Member Firstname},

We’re making it even easier for you to book sessions and classes with us!

Download the GymMaster app, sign in with your details, and you’ll be able to:

  • View available classes in real time
  • Book into classes and sessions
  • Manage your bookings
  • Update your personal information
  • Receive push notifications from us with reminders & special promotions

Download it on your phone from the Google Play Store for Android, or the iOS App Store for Apple.

If you can’t remember your login details, reset them here. (add password reset link) Let us know if you have any issues.

Looking forward to seeing your bookings roll in!


{??: Gym Name}