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GymMaster Software Release v1290

Thu, Mar 7, 2024

Initial Release: 4th March 2024 General Improvements: Added ‘Enable Billing Information for Prospects’ Advanced Configuration setting that will allow you to add and manage billing information for prospects. Added membership filter to the … More

GymMaster Software Release v1285

Mon, Feb 19, 2024

Initial Release: 19th February 2024 Features: Added a new transfer tool for improved importing of member and membership information into Gymmaster. General Improvements: Improved the navigation for the ‘Template’ pages, this includes being able to … More

GymMaster Software Release v1280

Mon, Feb 5, 2024

Initial Release: 5th February 2024 General Improvements: Add functionality to generate iCal calendar invites attachments to booking related email templates. Improve the efficiency and speed of syncing member information with Mailchimp. Improved … More

GymMaster Software Release v1275

Mon, Jan 22, 2024

Initial Release: 22nd January 2024 General Improvements: Add a link to a knowledgebase article on the Twilio Integration page to help with setup. Renamed ‘View Member Log’ to ‘Member Changes’ under the ‘Member Actions’ dropdown. Notable Bug Fixes: … More

GymMaster Software Release v1270

Mon, Jan 8, 2024

Initial Release: 8th January 2024 Features: Added new billing provider ‘Xendit’ to support the Indonesian and Philippine regions. Added option when sending an email to a specific member to specify the membership to use for insert fields. Added … More